Welcome to StayTuned Custom Shop where we specialize in the production of high quality replacement wiring harnesses for most popular makes and styles of electric guitars. Our wiring harnesses are made with top quality parts from manufacturers including CTS, Bourns, CRL, Switchcraft and Sprague. All of our wiring harnesses are assembled by hand using braided shield and/or vintage cloth wiring where appropriate. Order yours today!

We also offer a range of professional services to clients located in and around the Vancouver, BC area including wiring harness installation (of course!), pickup upgrades, end-to-end hardware upgrades & conversions, setups and ad hoc electronics repairs. Contact us for a quote.

We're also the home of "EpicEpiphones" and "Sheraton II-X" guitars, where we take ordinary Epiphone Les Pauls, SG's, Sheratons and ES-339's and make them eXtraordinary by replacing the substandard hardware and electronics with top quality parts such as Gibson pickups, Gotoh bridges & tailpieces, and our own StayTuned Custom Shop CTS & Premium wiring harnesses, resulting in a premium grade guitar - often at a fraction of the price of the equivalent big brother brand name model. Click on the Custom Shop link above to see past projects and the latest instruments available for sale - and "stay tuned" as there's always another one waiting in the wings!

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