Custom Gibson Guitars

We were quite surprised by how many Gibson guitars we've restored / upgraded / modified over the years. Here we have a sampling of some of our "keeper" guitars, and some of those that got away!

2003 Gibson Les Paul Platinum

2003 Gibson Les Paul Platinum

Here's something that you don't see all that often... it's a Limited Edition (one year only) 2003 Gibson Les Paul Platinum, finished all over in satin Platinum and originally fitted with brushed nickel hardware (bridge, tailpiece, pickup covers, switch and Grover tuners), and platinum/grey plastics - a very monochromatic "Tin Man" look. 

This guitar was a body/neck restoration project, so in the absence of the original brushed nickel hardware we opted to trick it out in chrome & black beginning with a nice set of chrome covered Gibson 490R/498T 4-conductor pickups set in black pickup rings and wired to a pair of push/pull pots for coil-splitting, chrome Gibson tunematic bridge and tailpiece, hard-to-find Gibson black & mirror reflector knobs, chrome Grover Rotomatics tuners, and custom mirror finish pickguard and truss rod cover from Greasy Groove out on the East Coast. And did you notice that fingerboard? A nice slab of ebony with NO fret markers. 

And if that's not enough, we have a 2003 Gibson SG Platinum to match! Pictures at 11. ;o)

These two guitars are for sale to serious collectors/buyers for $3,000 for the pair (will not break them up).

2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic - VS

2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic - VS

This is our go-to studio Les Paul. It's 100% stock - however we have plans to upgrade the control cavity with 500K Volume pots and better tone capacitors. What we love about the Classic are the hot, hot, hot 496R/500T ceramic pickups!

2008 Gibson Les Paul Robot Limited Edition - Silverburst

2008 Gibson Les Paul Robot Limited Edition

This is a rare Silverburst version of the first series run of the Les Paul Robot. Notice the ebony fingerboard and the white binding up and down the neck and around the headstock! This guitar is also 100% stock except for the black/mirror reflector knobs. We felt that they complemented the chrome hardware better than the boring plain black stock top hat knobs. (Actually, the Studio truss rod cover isn't stock either, however it has since been replaced with the original plain black truss rod cover). Other than that though, and love it or hate it, it's a piece of Gibson history.