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XTFR productions

StayTuned Custom Shop is proud to partner with XTFR Productions to offer music recording, engineering and production services to musicians and bands located in and around Vancouver, BC.  

Our state-of-the-art hybrid recording studio located in South Surrey features a separate production suite based on ProTools 12 and many of the leading software titles including Superior Drummer 2.0, BIAS FX and Antares Autotune 8.1; an extensive selection of Waves plug-ins; and high-end outboard equipment from Universal Audio, Warm Audio, FocusRite, PreSonus, Tech 21, Neutrik, Advanced Audio, Yamaha and much more.

The Control Room is augmented by a separate Live Room featuring a fully insulated vocal/isolation booth and a wide selection of instruments including Roland V-Drums; electric and acoustic guitars from Gibson, Fender, Ernie Ball, Ibanez and Schecter; and a Fender Jazz studio bass. Amplifiers include a Mesa Boogie Mark V head with Mesa 2X12 vertical cab, a Fender Blues Jr., a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket, and an Ampeg SVT3 bass amp with 15" cab.  

From singles & covers through to EP's and full-length LP's, our studio caters to the full spectrum of artists, from budding YouTube stars and solo artists through to professional touring bands and recording artists.